Winterland 2023

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This holiday season, Winterland returns to Propyard. We’re transforming your winter experience into a nostalgic journey filled with a brand new roller disco, games, delicious food, and a hint of 80s magic. You are more than welcome to pop down to Winterland to grab a drink or a bite to eat, without booking any activities. Gather your friends and family as Winterland awaits, here is what to expect:


Get your skates as we house our first roller disco inside the Studio. Covering over 400 square metres, enjoy the neon lights and glide around under our disco ball – this is perfect fun for all the family.

Also look out for tickets to our special Winter Social events where the lights go down lower, we have great DJs playing (and no kids!) as we turn our Studio into a pumping roller disco.


Warm up and refuel with mouthwatering cuisine that will ignite your taste buds. Our cozy lodge is brimming with culinary delights, from moving mountains hotdogs and scrumptious comfort food to sweet treats that will satisfy your cravings.

Nothing brings people together like sharing a delicious meal at Winterland:

Savoie Sausages Cooked in Wine and Onions served in a Baguette
Moving Mountains Hotdog, Crispy Onions (Vg)
Deep Fried Alpine mac and Cheese Bites (V)
Comte Fondue Dip
Koffman fries (Vg)+ add comte fondue (V)
+ add beef bourguignon


Step into Bristol’s brand-new interactive gaming experience, Rollers, where boules meets crazy golf in an 80s arcade-style setting. Test your skills on six custom-built courses, navigate neon-lit alleys, and enjoy a retro-inspired twist on classic boules and bowling, making it a fun and addictive experience for all.

Created by the same team behind popular rooftop attractions, Rollers offers a unique and challenging game in a nostalgic universe.


Inside our retro arcade gaming venue, a nostalgic journey through time awaits all enthusiasts. The neon lights, the cacophony of beeping and bleeping sounds, and the iconic pixelated graphics transport visitors to the golden era of gaming.

With a vast array of classic arcade machines lining the walls, you can relive the magic of the ’80s and ’90s. From Pac-Man gobbling up pellets to taking on your friends at Street Fighter, these games offer an authentic way to enjoy the timeless thrill of retro arcade gaming.

Access to retro arcade games can be purchased on site only.



Crane Room & Courtyard

39-46 Feeder Rd,
Bristol BS2 0SE

Getting Here

Date & Time

Saturday 25th November - December


Various Pricing

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